Insolvency Litigation/Receiverships

Hucker & Associates acts for a number of receivers and liquidators, adjudicators and accountants, directors and shareholders throughout New Zealand. We advise on all aspects of liquidations and receiverships from appointment, collection, voidable transactions, breach of directors claims and industry specific issues with a particular emphasis in the construction, service and property development industries.  

Director - IRD/Liquidations/Receiverships

Hucker & Associates solicitors regularly appear in the Bankruptcy and Liquidation lists in the High Court. Since we are in constant communication with IRD representatives and solicitors, we have a deep understanding of their parameters and requirements. Reviewing claims against directors made by the IRD or by insolvency practitioners is part of our everyday work. In the case where adverse liquidators are appointed we work to ensure that directors’ rights are preserved.  We assist in responding to regulatory bodies, and respond to director disqualification, IRD examinations,  prosecutions, companies office and FMA inquiries.  

Complex Commercial Litigation

Hucker & Associates have led and assisted in cases involving the promotion of securities to the public and in reporting to Financial Market Authority requests.  We have had involvement in litigation involving trust assets of values of up to many millions of dollars.  We are often involved in proceedings classified by the courts as being complex.  As experts in managing litigation, we never overlook the commercial outcomes that any business requires. 

Asset Protection

Hucker & Associates can manage the process of asset protection after an unexpected business or personal catastrophe. We will negotiate with the Official Assignee’s office and respond to the Official Assignee’s requirements including attempts by the Official Assignee to cancel gifting and to make claims against Family Trusts whether as a result of late gifting, to enforce voidable transactions or restructuring by other professionals.  With a deep understanding of the law we can turn a situation around to provide a positive solution.